Production company upgrades building and brings new jobs to Victoria

Tejas Production Services is a company that has been in Victoria for 25 years. They decided to upgrade and move from a 7,000 sq ft building to 65,000 sq ft.

Chief Financial Officer Hunter Follett says this move creates more jobs for the community of VIctoria. Tejas Production Services is looking to upgrade their staff from 31 to 150 people.

They are also working with Victoria College to train people to work in the manufacturing industry. Follett says his company will even pay people to attend the training at VC.

“When you learn welding that’s a trade and craft that you have forever, so we are excited about being able to give people that certification and that sort of training that they can hopefully come work us for a long time, or have a trade transferable to wherever they go,” says Follett.

If you are interested in working for Tejas production you can email them at They are inviting the community out for a BBQ at their new location at 7303 Houston Highway on April 12th at 5 p.m.