President’s Day or Not My President’s Day?

VICTORIA- On this Presidents’ day, the commander-in-chief is celebrating exactly one month in office. While some here in Victoria believe he’s doing his job others aren’t so convinced.

“I think Trump’s done a lot of bad stuff,” said one resident who didn’t want to be identified.

While there were no protesters on Victoria streets Monday, Victorians around town still had opinions about the commander-in-chief’s first 30 days.

“He’s shaking up a lot of bones,” said David Torrez, crossroads resident.

Shaking up Torrez’s bones including those who wished to remain anonymous on camera.

“He’s not for the little guy you know. I’m the little guy and he would not care about me,” said an anonymous resident.

Trump’s quick action on immigration in the past month was a concern.

“I got a lot of Mexican friends who are real scared,” said Torrez. “They’re hiding right now.”

Another was health care for the unidentified resident.

“He doesn’t want people to have Obamacare.”

While opponents across the country will try to send President Trump a message on this President’s Day, Torrez says his message is to be happy.

“The people that elected him decided that this was what the U.S. needed and I believe it’s what we need.”