Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace candidates

Joint Primary Election debate in Victoria, Texas

Joint Primary Election debate in Victoria, Texas

VICTORIA, Texas – On Wednesday, Feb. 3, the Victoria Chamber of Commerce and Victoria Advocate hosted a joint primary election debate where several candidates took the stage and answered questions. Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace John Miller is running against first time candidate Micah Patton.

In addition, Patton has lived in Victoria for 11 years. He’s been married to his wife Erin for 11 years and they have two small children. Some of his hobbies are going golfing and fishing. While in college, he studied criminal justice. Right now, he works as a business development manager in the sales department. Throughout this election, Patton said he’s sought advice from a campaign consultant and has visited with the community, noticing many people have opinions.

“I want to represent my community and serve them and I felt like with my education, with my career experience…18 years in business development, sales, and working with customers. That I could best serve as being JP,” said Patton.

Patton notices truancy in an issue in the public system. Furthermore, he wants to improve the local public school system.

“Education is important, I’ve reached out to our school board president Mike Mercer. I’ve reached out to my school board member and I’ve discussed with them V.I.S.D’s policy on truancy. I’ve looked forward to working with Quintin Shepherd, PhD,” said Patton.

John Miller says he’s been a Justice of the Peace for seven years. Some of his prior service experience has been working as a constable for eight years and a sheriff’s deputy for the county. Some of his daily duties on the job requires hearing small truancy cases, debt claims, and remaining on call to pronounce dead whoever has passed away in precinct 4. Miller has been married to his wife for 14 years, they have four children, and three grandchildren. In his spare time, Miller goes camping and fishing in Port O’Connor.

Miller said participating in the debate on Wednesday night, Feb. 2, was a good experience.

“Last night it was fun. I enjoy doing it,” he said. “The debates are a good way for your contingents to get to know you and see what you stand for…what you run for,” he said.

Miller is encouraging people to vote in the joint primary election.

“Take your girlfriend or wife out to eat and take her out to vote,” said Miller.