Precinct 4 Commissioners race, Brian Carson vs. Richard Randall

Dewitt county precinct 4

DeWitt County, Texas – Brian Carson is running for the commissioner position in precinct 4. In 2014, Carson ran for office making this his second political race. During an interview he said that he’s been to some commissioner court meetings and has read the meeting minutes. However, he feels it’s the voters who make the decision if he doesn’t win this time.

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“I’ll see how it goes and if the community wants me to stay in there. Then I’ll run again, but it’s up to them,” said Carson.

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The current commissioner is Richard Randall, as the incumbent provided the following statement saying:

I am seeking re-election continue to bring conservative, experienced, committed leadership to DeWitt County. I have and will continue to work hard to maintain the safety of our roadways, keep the tax rate low and upgrade and improve county services. I have a good relationship with all the department heads as well as the other members of the Commissioner’s Court and will continue to work together to keep DeWitt County responsive to the needs of our citizens.