Pray for Bloomington Gathers Community for unity prayer

The community of Bloomington gathered on Saturday evening to pray together and shine light on Jesus.

Pray for Bloomington is an event which started this year by youth minister and coordinator, Pedro Zendejas. He wanted to gather the community to get together and pray in unity. He believes with all the shootings and all the hurt going on in the world that it is important for the church to shine light on Jesus.

“We’re not gonna force it we’re not gonna demand it were just gonna live by example and just show everyone in the world that there is a man named Jesus who loves and we want to offer that hope that peace of mind. What were trying to say is that no matter what you go through he is with you through your ups and downs through your highs and lows. Happy and sad, rich or poor doesn’t matter, Jesus loves you and that is the message want to teach and preach and show the world. That there is a man that loves you and we are praying for Bloomington praying for the community and there is a hope in Jesus,” says coordinator Zendajas.

Many local stores contributed and donated food and games where the community enjoyed for free. Although it is the first year that the First Baptist Church has hosted the Pray for Bloomington event, this will become an annual occurrence.

“What we want the community to do now is just come together and pray for Bloomington that we can see Bloomington come together as a family as one. Not just a group here a group there but we want everybody to come together. And this was a goal from day one to bring Bloomington together and pray,” said Pastor Chuck Stewart.