Power outage in Cuero is currently getting fixed

CUERO, Texas- A power outage has occurred in the South portions of Cuero due to a downed powerline. The line crew is currently working to get the power back up for the community.

“The power should be back up shortly. I just saw the new line come in, they already have crews and everything in place to get that line back up. I’m watching them and they are actually pulling it now. There are outages on Esplanade Street and all the way in the South portion. H-E-B is out of power at this time and we know it’s cold but we have guys up in the air in bucket trucks putting new lines up,” said Cyndi Smith, the DeWitt County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Smith also mentioned that they had to call Union Smith to stop all trains because the power outage is also affecting the train rails. Smith talked about the communities concerns regarding the phone lines not being answered, she says the crew who answers the phones are currently working to help restore the power for the community. Please be patient as they work to get the power lines fixed.