Pothole repairs in the City of Edna near Parkmoor Boulevard

Several potholes were spotted by a resident at the corner of South East and Parkmoor Blvd.

JACKSON COUNTY, Texas – A resident in the City of Edna shared images with 25 News Now of several potholes at the corner of South East and Parkmoor Blvd.

It received some traction on social  media.

Pothole near Parkmoor

Pothole near Parkmoor

25 News Now reached out to the City.

City Manager Gary Broz said there were four workers fixing the potholes in that area Tuesday.

He also shared that all the potholes in the City are currently getting fixed and will take time to fix them all in the City.

Below are some recent images shared by a resident who wishes to remain anonymous of the road conditions and culvert near Parkmoor.

City of Edna Near Parkmoor

Road condition near Parkmoor

Parkmoor Culvert

Parkmoor culvert

The City of Edna issued a statement Tuesday evening on their social media page:

Since may 2020, the city has spent approximately $175 thousand dollars working on drainage issues. We are 15 years behind in cleaning our ditches and culverts. We are preparing to spend $150,000 in ditch cleaning in the 2021-2022 budget … Potholes continue to surface with all of the wet weather.

Below is an image of the complete statement.

City of Edna Statement

Drainage and streets update in the City of Edna

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