Potential Funding Loss Could Impact Victoria County

VICTORIA- A county program that helps resident find access to health care could lose funding.

The Victoria Health Department presented a contract to County Commissioners for a 144,000 grant, the Adult Potentially Preventable Hospitalization Initiative Grant.

Commissioners did approve the grant but the money for this grant is slated to be cut in the upcoming legislative session.

The grant money is used to reach residents in rural areas, who have a hard time accessing health care.

The program focuses on Diabetes complications, asthma, congestive heart failure and more.

The Area Health Education Center (AHEC) uses the grant to provides patient education in a group setting or one-on-one setting at no-cost to residents of Victoria County.

The center also provides resources to residents who are uninsured.

Victoria Health Department Director Derrick Neal says this program directly impacts the residents of Victoria County.

“This is a program that needs to stay in place for the benefit of residents in Victoria County. Because we have citizens who don’t have nay source of care, even though the affordable care act, because we’re so limited in the resources that we could provide to them in Victoria,” said Neal.

At Commissioner’s Court, Neal read a personal statement from a 62-year-old woman who couldn’t afford to see a doctor or buy medication. Neal says this woman would use her grandchildren’s inhalers, but with this program she now has access to the health care she needs.

“After talking with her and discussing her needs, the Preventable Hospital Project staff helped her obtain regular health care and medications. She can now live a healthier life for herself and her husband and her grandchildren. These are the people that are living in Victoria County,” said Neal.

The Health Department Director says This program could possibly pass in the legislative special session next month , and funds could be returned to this grant.

Neal says the best way to ensure grant doesn’t get cut, is to call legislators or local county officials.