Post Acute Medical Facility to be turned into COVID-19 Hospital

VICTORIA, Texas –  With almost half a million cases of COVID-19 in the United States, today’s press briefing was all about reinforcing the importance of stay at home orders, as well as a change in one local facility’s function.

The first speaker was Congressman Michael Cloud, who better explained the timeline for receiving the checks from the department of treasury, and said to “just hang up” on scammers who call pretending to be the IRS.

“You do not need to apply to receive those [checks]. By the end of next week, the first batch of people should start receiving those,” the District 27 representative said.

Doctor McNeill had the biggest surprise of the presser. He stated that the Post Acute Medical Facility here in Victoria would not only have the control measures lifted from their premises but would become the first COVID-19 patient hospital in the area.

“The CDC recommends that patients be cohorted and treated together,” McNeill said. This measure is to limit exposure to non-COVID positive patients in a facility. There is no word on if being the first hospital of its kind in the region will bring in more out of county cases for treatment.

The Sheriff and Police Departments also talked of a taskforce they have formed along with Constable Gary Smejkal. This taskforce is for violations of the Stay Home, Stay Safe order, as well as to educate businesses on safe social distancing practices and current orders. If your small business has not been contacted yet, call the Coronavirus Hotline at (361) 580-5796. Chief J.J. Craig said so far the police department has issued 3 citations and launched one criminal investigation in relation to Stay Home, Stay Safe Order violations.

Lastly, County Judge Ben Zeller and Mayor Rawley McCoy reinforced the severity of the situation we are in, and how important it is to obey the orders in place.

“I’m still seeing and receiving reports of citizens out and about town, behaving as if this virus isn’t to be taken seriously. Well, I guarantee you it’s worth taking seriously,” McCoy stated.

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