Post Acute Medical employees test positive for COVID-19

No patients have tested positive

VICTORIA, Texas- Newscetner 25/Crossroads Today received the following statement from Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital of Victoria North.

“Given the unprecedented conditions associated with the COVID-19 virus, it remains inevitable that healthcare providers, and employees working in non-clinical roles in hospitals, are at risk for exposure to the virus.

Hospital-based employees place themselves at risk in order to provide high quality care for the patients who need it most. Nationally, physicians and nurses have contracted the virus, though it has become virtually impossible to determine where it was contracted.

Several employees who work at PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria North have tested positive for the virus. No patients in the hospital have tested positive, nor is there any evidence of any exposure to any patient.

While the hospital is well-equipped to treat COVID-19 positive patients, we do not currently have any such patients in the hospital. In an abundance of caution, all patients at PAM’s Victoria hospitals will be tested.

All of the employees at this hospital have been wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, including a mask. To our knowledge, none of the employees who have tested positive were displaying symptoms while working, and have been absent from the hospital since exhibiting symptoms. The hospital continues to closely monitor our patients and employees, conduct daily screenings of all employees and physicians, and remains closed to visitors.

We are working hand in hand with the Victoria County Health Department to take the following steps at a minimum:

  • Immediately test all employees
  • Immediately test all patients
  • Temporarily suspend all outpatient services

The employees who have tested positive are on quarantine and will remain so until appropriate under CDC and local health department guidelines to return to work. Our thoughts are with them and their families in this difficult time. While we do not know where the employees were exposed to the virus, we have conducted a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting of all areas of the hospital. We continue to maintain a high level of vigilance in working to protect our patients and our employees. We encourage our patients, our employees, and the entire community to closely monitor their own symptoms, follow guidance from local, state, and national health authorities, and take all reasonable precautions to limit community spread of this virus.”

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