Possible flash flooding this week #TurnAroundDontDrown

Weather Alert

VICTORIA, Texas- With heavy rain and possible flash flooding in the forecast throughout this week and into the weekend, the Victoria OEM created some graphics to highlight the importance of #TurnAroundDontDrown.

Don’t underestimate the power of water. Six inches of fast-moving water can knock over and carry an adult away. Twelve inches of fast-moving water can carry away a small car. Eighteen to 24 inches of fast-moving water can carry away most large SUVs, vans, and trucks. Stay safe.

Turn Around Dont Drown

Do you know what is in flood water? The answer is no. We don’t know what is in floodwater. Floodwater can contain:

Downed power lines

Human livestock waste

Household, medical, and industrial hazardous waste (chemical, biological, and radiological)

Coal ash waste that can contain carcinogenic compounds such as arsenic, chromium, and mercury

Other contaminants that can lead to illness

Physical objects such as lumber, vehicles, and debris

Wild or stray animals like rodents and snakes


Do You Know What Is In Flood Waters