Port of Victoria selects TNW Corporation as new partner

The Dallas-based company will assist with marketing and railways at the Port of Victoria

VICTORIA, Texas – The Port of Victoria has selected Dallas-based company TNW Corporation to provide the port’s rail operations and co-develop a 3,000-acre multi-modal logistics facility

The Port of Victoria is a shallow draft inland port facility that provides access to the Intracoastal Waterway, a shipping route running 3,000 miles along the U.S. coast. It offers rail access to Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, fitting right in here in the crossroads.

We spoke with Wade Hoffmann, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at TNW Corporation, who’s excited for what the partnership will bring.

“At TNW we really look to our communities, we look to be a vital partner in our communities, our people live there, work there, grow there, I’m originally from Victoria, and everything, so I’m really looking forward to adding additional jobs and things to the community in which I grew up in,” said Hoffmann.

The port has two sites, a north site, and their south site which they are now developing with the help of their new partner, TNW Corporation. The 2,200-acre south site is under development for new rail infrastructure, and the port is currently looking for new clients to fill the south site. Examples of these clients could be companies involved in manufacturing or oil storage.

Sean Stibich, Executive Director of the Port of Victoria, explained how the TNW Corporation comes into play.

“The main focus out here will be to switch the rail cars that come into the port of Victoria and deliver them to the industries that are here. And secondary they’re going to go ahead and work on marketing the land we have available, and also provide additional services over the next couple of years”, said Stibich.

Stibich also said that the partnership with TNW Corporation is for 3 years, but he hopes that their partnership extends for decades to come.

To learn more about The Port of Victoria you can visit their website here and their Facebook page here. For more information on the TNW Corporation you can visit their website here.