Port O’connor holds their 17th annual toy drive

This is the 17th annual Port O’Connor toy drive where people with a boat full of toys drop it off at the trailers.

The community gathered at the port to drop off gifts for those children in need. Throughout the year, people do raffles and hosts fundraisers to raise enough in order to be able to provide gifts for the children during Christmas time.

“This is a tremendous help for the people that can’t make ends meets on Christmas and their kids still get to have a wonderful Christmas,” says Marie Hawes, head of Port O’Connor Toy Drive.

“Delivering these toys and making so many children happy is the most wonderful gift we feel like we can give in the world,” says volunteer Wendy Fry.

After all Christmas is the time of giving.the Port O’Connor toy drive continues tomorrow as all the volunteers get to move the toys and get to them to the right children.

“People from the organizations come and they get their list of names and what the kids like and they go and they pick toys for them,” says volunteer Madison Hawes.

The toys will be distributed at the Port O’Connor Community Center.