Port Lavaca’s new pier opens to the public

The new pier extends out into the bay 900 feet and is five feet higher than the old pier it replaced

PORT LAVACA, Texas – A new pier in Port Lavaca officially opened at sunrise today. After the old pier was destroyed in Hurricane Harvey, the new one comes with some new upgrades. It is five feet higher than the older one and has twice the amount of support. It extends 900 feet into the bay and is equipped with LED lights along the pathway, a fish cleaning station, and plenty of space for visitors to go fishing or just enjoy a nice walk out onto the pier.

Although the pier project took a few years to complete, one Port Lavaca resident who came to check it out on opening day says he was very pleased with the new pier.

“I’m just so excited that it’s open for the public. I’d like for everybody to come around, from local areas, come over here and experience this beautiful pier,” says Port Lavaca resident Roosevelt Loya. He also says he’s excited to bring his grandchildren to the pier to introduce them to fishing.

The pier project was about $2.3 million dollars but was a part of a FEMA public assistance grant which will reimburse up to 90% of eligible costs associated with the pier project. This total cost also factors in the demolition of the previous pier.

Port Lavaca City Manager Jody Weaver says that the only part left of the pier construction is to put on some fabric on two of the awnings to provide visitors shade.

The new pier is located at the very end of the Lighthouse Beach RV Park in North Port Lavaca.