Port Lavaca woman takes on stray cat problem

Here Kitty, Kitty Program

PORT LAVACA, Texas – On Wednesday, Feb. 9, Sharon Serrata shared the initiative to resolve the stray cat problem in her neighborhood. After living in the area for five years, she noticed there were many stray and hungry cats. Resulting with the start of a neuter service program called ‘Here Kitty, Kitty.’ While Serrata is a dog and cat owner herself, she felt it was her duty to feed, neuter, and take car of these owner-less cats.

“The fact that I’ve got over 50 wildcats running around my neighborhood, that my neighbor and I have been feeding for the last five years,” said Serrata.

Throughout time the cats started multiplying. Now, Serrata and her neighbor are utilizing five pounds of cat food per day just to feed them all.

“She mostly does the feeding, sometimes I help her with cat food,” she said. “Since then, it’s blossomed tremendously. We’ve got over 50 cats that we feed.”

The problem escalated as cars ran over some cats and the cats bodies decayed without proper disposal. In addition, people started dumping cats in the neighborhood. If the cats were alive, most of them were abused, hurt, or malnourished.

“So I told her, I was going to start taking and catching the cats and taking them in to have them fixed. After the one little wildcat that my grandson tamed. The cats were starting to starve to death, the kittens were starving. They were the first to go,” she said.

Once she captured and neutered the first dozen cats, Serrata said she posted about this service on social media and many people expressed interest.

“And so I said enough is enough, we’ve got to do something about this,”she claimed.

Since then, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings Serrata and her grandson Zachary Scofield will meet at the Calhoun County Fairgrounds Pavilion with pet owners. After the owners fill out a piece of paper with the cat’s information, then they transport them to a service location. Dr. Cochran at Acres of Animals is the one who neuters the cats.

Now, Serrata feels a sentimental deed to do the right thing in memory of her mother named Nelda Springer.

“One of the other things is I think my mom would be proud of me because she loves cats so much,” she said. “And this van, I inherited from my mother and so I’m putting it to use for something that she would approve of.”

Here Kitty, Kitty receives funding solely by cash donations or via cashapp ($Sharon Serrata). There’s another cat rescue account from a different state also called “Here Kitty, Kitty” on PayPal that is not associated with this local animal service.