Port Lavaca Train Depot construction is underway

"Port Lavaca used to be a destination place and we hope to make that happen again"


PORT LAVACA, Texas –  The City of Port Lavaca is remodeling the old train depot in hopes of bringing more tourism to the city and to help perserve historic features in the area.

The train depot in Port Lavaca is one of the first railroads in Texas built in the late 1800s and was a popular spot back when it was active.

In recent years, the depot served as a meeting place for community organizations.

In 2016 to help keep the train depot standing, the city created a comprehensive plan to protect and restore historic locations in the area.

City Manager, Jody Weaver, says the train depot was a top priority.

“In that comprehensive plan, it was one of the top priorities to take advantage of some of the historic features that we have in town and we don’t wanna lose those we want to restore them and the depot was one of them,” says Weaver.

The exterior of the depot is currently getting repaired with new windows, doors and a new deck area. With the interior repairs to be done in the future.

With Hurricane Harvey in 2017, depot repairs were delayed and now with supply chain issues, windows may not arrive until March.

The city hopes that the new and improved train depot will bring back tourism and create more fun activities.

“Port Lavaca used to be a destination place and we hope to make that happen again,” says Weaver.