Port Lavaca Police attended memorial for fallen Harris County Deputy

Two Port Lavaca Police Officers traveled to Houston Wednesday to attend the memorial for Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal who was killed in the line of duty.

For Training Coordinator/ Sgt. Justin Klare the news of Deputy Dhaliwal’s death was more personal.
“I actually met Sandeep about four years ago when Deputy Darren Goforth was murdered in Harris County. I ended up meeting him there, another officer and I went up there for the vigil. He was the first Harris County Deputy to get the turban and beard approved for his Sikh faith.”

Port Lavaca Police attended memorial for fallen Harris County Deputy

“Law Enforcement is like a brotherhood, when one person goes down, we all feel it. This one kind of hurt a little bit more, because I actually met him,” explains Sgt. Klare.

Detective Alyssa Nichols and Sgt. Klare got approval from the Port Lavaca Police Chief to attend the memorial and made the trip up to Houston Wednesday morning.

“The ceremony was good. They had two different ones; the Sikh faith one at 10:30 am, and they had the actual law enforcement one at 11:30,” said Sgt. Klare. “It was interesting to see how they do their funerals for that religion and it was open to the public, so they encouraged the public to attend both.”

Among those who spoke at the memorial were the Lt. Governor, Sheriff’s in Dallas and Houston, and the county judge for Harris county.

Officers and agencies from all over the States and internationally came to Houston to pay their respects to a fellow Deputy. Sgt. Klare said he saw people from Canada Mounted Patrol, Toronto Police, New York Police Department, Baton Rouge Police, San Antonio Police, Palacios Police, Ingleside Police, Austin PD, Lubbock County Sheriffs, and DPS, among others in attendance.

Dhaliwal’s accused killer, Robert Solis, is in jail on a capital murder charge and could face the death penalty if convicted.