Port Lavaca pier awaiting FEMA funds for rebuild

The Port Lavaca pier is anticipated to be rebuilt by summer 2021

PORT LAVACA, Texas – Cities are still reminded of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey as they continue to rebuild three years later. Including the pier in Port Lavaca used for fishing. Hurricane Harvey managed to ruin the entire pier minus the T-head at the end was unscathed in the storm.

The City of Port Lavaca applied for Federal Emergency Management Agency for Public Assistance Grants and in December of 2017, FEMA went to inspect the pier, but didn’t have much to inspect since most of it was gone. For damages caused by Hurricane Harvey, FEMA grants 90 percent of the eligible cost. FEMA began their process of looking into the damages of the pier. Port Lavaca interim city manager, Jody Weaver,  knows how much that pier means to the community.

“We do attract a lot of people to Port Lavaca and Calhoun County for fishing and this was a prime spot that I get emails all the time, ‘when are you going to repair that pier, we miss fishing out there.’ It’ll be a big boost for the community to see that pier return and in great condition,” said Weaver.

A little over 2 million dollars is approved for the project. Even though the funds aren’t fully committed by FEMA yet it should be fully obligated very soon. Port Lavaca city council members don’t want to start the rebuilding of the pier until it is obligated by FEMA, considering it was around $2 million dollars, because once it is obligated the money will be refunded  right away by the Texas Department of Emergency Management.

“As soon as we get obligated, again which has been approved so I anticipate that within a couple of weeks literally. So we already have our army corps permits in place, so I’ll give the go ahead to our engineers that’ll probably take 3-4 months for engineering to put plans together,” continued Weaver.

Getting the pier rebuilt is the final step of putting Hurricane Harvey behind the community.

The City of Port Lavaca anticipates the actual construction to start in January 2021 and have the pier ready by summer of 2021, which marks four years after Hurricane Harvey.