Port Lavaca Neighborhood Air Quality Affected by Local Business

Newscenter 25 received a call about a business in Port Lavaca possibly polluting the air in a neighborhood there, making it difficult to breathe.

Residents of this Port Lavaca neighborhood says their air quality hasn’t been the same since 2013.

“We’re just fed up with it, and its time to do something about it,” said Resident Iva Chavez.

Chavez says a business, Con Metal, right across the street from her is affecting the air quality in her neighborhood. Chavez says the dust and the exhaust smell coming from the 18-wheelers, make it into the homes nearby.

“We cannot cook we cannot open the windows, we cant BBQ, we cant do anything because all that gets in our food. You go outside the dust gets in your eyes, mouth and your hair, you know your clothes you cant do anything because that’s affecting our breathing.

Chavez and a number of neighbors reached out to the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality to voice their complaints, and representatives from TCEQ were in Chavez’s home this afternoon answering questions about odor complaints.

TCEQ declined to comment any further, but they say this situation is under investigation.

Residents also said, the excessive dust and fumes affect their health.

“We’re all on breathing machines, we have inhalers, you know all the machines they have to clean it because its full of dust. “

Resident Ruby Castellano has lived in this neighborhood for over forty years, and she says the air quality has gotten so bad, she can’t even sit outside.

“We all have yards we all want to be outside, because of the company, its not fair to use and its not fair to the neighborhood,” said Castellano.