Port Lavaca has a new cafe in town.

The brand-new sundae drive cafe brought several people out from the community to enjoy some free ice cream.

“This is the best ice cream place y’all should come try it” A customer.

Sundae Drive Cafe in Port Lavaca is new to the community. The owner had a special event and brought several jobs to the community.

“We hired 43 people, and we’re having our grand opening celebration and our ribbon cutting with the Chamber Of Commerce, and we’re giving away free ice cream cones to show what we have done to the refurbished Whataburger,” said David Krupin. Owner Of Sundae Drive Cafe.

A few of the Port Lavaca, Chamber Of Commerce members came together to help celebrate. They also gave a list of foods that makes sundae drive cafe different from any other food establishment.

“Funnel cakes, ice cream, coffee, sandwiches, those are some foods I heard about, and we are excited about it. I don’t know anyone in town that we know of that sells funnel cakes with ice cream unless you go to a festival or a fair,” said Tanya French, Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce Member.

The Co-Owner took some time to explain to me how they came up with this menu.

“We use to go on Sunday drives, to go to different restaurants, places, towns. The foods and everything we liked from those places we just kind of combined them together,” said Kayla Elam, Co-Owner Of Sundae Drive Cafe.

The Cafe will be officially open on Tuesday to provide the community with a unique choice of foods and your favorite ice creams.