Port Lavaca City Officials And Residents Push For Curbside Recycling

For Port Lavaca resident Robyn Castillo, curbside recycling is something she believes would make a big difference in the city’s environment.

“I know I don’t recycle at this moment and I would if I knew it was readily available all the time,” says Castillo. “It would be convenient for us just to put it at the side of the road like we do our trash. Just make a certain day a week maybe even two times a week for us to recycle.”

City Manager Robert Bradshaw agrees with this sentiment. The city is currently revamping their “Keep Port Lavaca Beautiful Campaign.” The campaign encourages residents to recycle at their compactor recycling facility on West George Street.

“We started with a compactor facility over in our public works facility. The downside is you as a homeowner will have to take your recycling over to that facility.”

Bradshaw says the more people use the compact facility, the more likely the city will soon implement curbside single stream recycling.

“Recycling is a part of the whole concept of a clean community and we have that. We just need to ramp up and have that service available so they can recycle.”