Port Lavaca businessman helps bring joy to community

A Port Lavaca business man is giving back to his community and spreading love.

“I have known Mike and Tammy for several years and I just think they should be recognized for the good they do for the community. Of course, they don’t ask for anything in return, and they just like to help people out,” Ernest Gonzales says.

Mike and Tammy Ward have owned Eclipse Tinting and Auto Glass for 25 years.

Mike says they started giving back when one of their customers who requested wrapping service on his truck passed away, so he knew he had to do something to give back to his family.

“When we found out the news that he had died, I looked at my wife, and she looked at me and said you know we have to do this. We have to put that Redskin’s logo on his casket. I actually laid that on top of the casket and I integrated all the Redskins stuff in,” adds Mike Ward, owner.

Doing that small gesture for a loyal customer turned into a new business avenue of custom wrapping people’s caskets.

“We will take an ordinary casket, and we will transform it unto something that is their personality. It can be anything from them being a football fan or a race car fan or whatever they are into we can convert that casket into that,” declares Ward.

The most recent casket Mike is working on is a Harley Davison inspired one, that he is donating free of charge to the family. The Wards love that they can help someone out during a difficult time.

“You can’t describe the feeling its very emotional especially recently that we got into helping out people with deceased family members,” tells Ward.

“It just comes from the heart, I just feel very warm and enjoy doing everything we can do for them,” exclaims Tammy Ward, Owner.

Ward say they want to bring a little light during people’s darkest times.

“There is people in need everywhere and all you have to do is just look, I mean there is people all over this town that needs things,” adds Ward.

“I just think the world would be a better place if everybody would help out the less fortunate and their time of need. When you can help someone out and it always comes back to you,” Gonzales smiles.

Crossroads remember to reach out to someone because you never know the impact you could have on them.