Political party chairs caution against sign vandalism

Political sign theft or vandalism can lead to a $500 fine

VICTORIA, Texas – Now that the 2020 election is closer to date. Many people are placing political signs on their own private property. Many people are attempting to make their voices known through this action. Recently, many candidate signs have been stolen from their front yards or vandalized. Bill Pozzie, Chair of the Republican Party, gives his thoughts on this issue of vandalization. 

“They think that by taking the sign away that people are gonna give up, but I’m hoping that no Republican would ever do that. Because it’s not the right thing to do. Why in God’s name do we need violence in any manner in Victoria, TX? We’re not Houston or Chicago or Minneapolis. We’re not that. I think the people in Victoria are some of the friendliest people that I’ve ever seen anywhere in my life. And I just can’t imagine having any kind of violence with signs or political disagreements,” he said.

Pat Tally, Chair of the Democratic Party, also shared her thoughts on this safety issue. 

“I mean it is against the law to deface campaign signs. A lot of people do not put signs, especially they don’t put bumper stickers on their cars cause they’re afraid of vandalism. Probably in both parties, but certainly in the Democratic party. They feel that there’s too many Trump supporters who are unpredictable and there shouldn’t really be fighting over which party gets to have more signs than the other party. It’s really just kind of a way to just celebrate your candidate and your views. We have had vandalism. We have had incidents of cars being damaged, just because somebody had a sign on it,” she said.

If any signs have been stolen or vandalized, it can be reported to the Victoria Police Department. This vandalism crime is classified as a class C misdemeanor. It can lead to a punishment of $500 or more, depending on all the damages.