Police search for man wanted for aggravated kidnapping in El Campo

Police are still searching for a man they say assaulted a woman on Saturday, May 29.
Foster Anthony Alfred Jr.

Credit: El Campo Police Department

EL CAMPO, Texas – The El Campo Police Department is searching for a man who they say assaulted a woman on Saturday, May 29 in El Campo.

The suspect is wanted for aggravated kidnapping, according to Lieutenant Justin Soza with the El Campo Police Department.

Lt. Soza said Foster Anthony Alfred Jr., 26, of El Campo removed a 23-year-old woman by force from a party at around 1:00 a.m. Saturday.

Alfred took the woman in a truck and began assaulting her, confirmed Lt. Soza.

Lt. Soza also said that Alfred is the woman’s ex-boyfriend.

The woman was eventually able to get out of the truck on U.S. 59 near Pierce.

Th El Campo Municipal judge issued an arrest warrant for Alfred, said Lt. Soza.

At last check with Lt. Soza, no arrests have been made.

If anyone has information, please reach out to the El Campo Police Department at 979-543-5311.