Police: Maryland’s red flag law thwarts possible workplace shooting

It was Tuesday when Anne Arundel County Police responded to the Gischel Machine Company in Pasadena, WMAR reported.

Hidden away in an office park, the manager told detectives his employee, Mark Rutkowski, not only threatened him, but that he threatened mass violence to the entire work place.

“Threatened to quote, unquote, shoot the business up,” said Anne Arundel County Police Sgt. Jackie Davis. “Our officer did a little bit of digging and found that these threats could be legitimate and that the suspect had access to a firearm.”

More like 100 firearms.

Police said under Maryland’s red flag law, detectives responded to Rutkowski’s home where they found well over 100 guns — everything from a small revolver to an AR-style assault rifle.

But the story isn’t just about what did happen, it is very much about what didn’t happen. Gischel machine company employs 14 people.

“In our line of work, it is hard for us to put a number or quantify the negative or what didn’t happen, but in this case we do feel that we stopped over a dozen people from being murdered,” Davis said. “We felt that this man was a threat.”

As did the employees.They could not be reached for comment, but Rutkowski remained in jail.

He was charged with threat of mass violence, which carries with it a 10-year sentence if convicted.

He was being held without bail.