Police department shares crime stats for 2019

The Victoria Police Department posted crime stats for 2019 – focusing on Part II crimes, which include criminal mischief and vandalism.

Part II Crimes include forgery, fraud, stolen property, vandalism and disorderly conduct. The Victoria Police Department posted information about Part II Crimes for 2019. VPD Public Information Officer David Brogger says the area indicated in their posting is known as Queen City.

“That whole area the bright darker purple is just a high crime area in town,” Brogger said. “We try to patrol as much as we can. We send extra patrols and adjust our patrol people to handle those types of calls.”

Harold Tiemann, owns Tee’s Music Shop – located north of Red River Street – close to Queen City. Tiemann says he believes the large homeless population in the area contributes to the concentration of crimes there. He says it is not uncommon for people to come in, pick up merchandise and walk out the door without paying.

“We have numerous cameras,” Tiemann said. “Six inside and eight cameras outside, and then we keep some people on staff at night in the store and also on the property on a regular basis.”

Debra Chronister lives on the outskirts of Queen City, closer to Houston Highway.

“My mower was stolen off my back porch many years ago and the neighbor watched it go and didn’t do a thing,” Chronister said. “And that was really tragic to me.”

Brogger says to avoid becoming a victim of a Part II Crime, it is good to know your neighbors.

“You can always invest in a good security system, security lights are a pretty cheap investment, talk to your neighbor, that’s free,” Brogger said. “Just get to know your neighbors and always report any suspicious activity to the Victoria Police Department, so we can go see if we can help in any situations there.”

Of all Part II Crimes committed so far in 2019, 19.7 percent were Criminal Mischief.

Brogger says it’s important to remember, criminal activity also occurs in other areas, not just Queen City.

“Although it looks very concentrated on the heat map that Mrs. Gabrysch made, Part II Crimes, just like any other crimes, it’s not just in one area in the city, it’s all over but some have a higher concentration than others,” Brogger said.