Police: Capital murder suspect caught with blood-stained hands, denied involvement

Update 9-27-2019:

Friday is the fifth day of the Raheem Jones trial. The prosecuting attorney called forensic scientist Robin Olson-Castro to the stand.

Olson-Castro testified tat she examined the blood submitted to her form the Victoria Police Department. The Victoria PD submitted clothing from all individuals involved in the case and the swab of blood found on Raheem Jones’ hand.

All the evidence submitted has a trace of the victim, Vonsell Ramirez’s blood, but the swab found on Jones’ hand was a mixture of Ramirez’s and Jones’ blood. After Olson-Castro finished testifying the state rested its case.

The trial is scheduled to resume Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. with the defense.


Thursday is day four in the murder trial for Raheem Jones, accused of killing Victoria teen Vonsell Ramirez in 2016.

Thursday morning, the trial picked back up with prosecutors calling to the stand, Danielo Perez, the forensic pathologist that performed the autopsy on the victim.

Perez said that the Justice of the Peace requested the autopsy to identify the cause of death, which was the cut of the main artery in the throat of the victim caused by the glass bottle.

The District Attorney had Perez define homicide, and he said quote, “it is the action or inaction resulting in the death of another person.”

Next to take the stand was former officer Blair. He was one of the officers waiting with Raheem Jones at his home during the preliminary investigation. Cerny said that he noted blood on both Raheem’s pants and on his hands, but when he requested a swab of the blood on his hands, Raheem refused on multiple occasions.
Jones only agreed to let the police take a sample of the blood on his clothes after he rubbed most of it off.

At the police station, Raheem told Cerny that it was “crazy” he was there, because he had been hanging out with his girlfriend when his mother called to say police were looking for him. However, Raheem mentioned that his sister took the phone from their mother and said quote, “you killed him.”
Likely in reference to Vonsell, the victim.

The prosecuting attorney subpoenaed Marisa Martinez to take the stand. She was driving the red pick-up truck Raheem Jones was riding in the night Vonsell Ramirez was killed.

Martinez was also charged in the death of Ramirez, but was not offered an immunity deal if she testified. The deal only states that her statements will not be used against her.

She went on to explain that she was romantic with Vonsell Ramirez two months before the incident occurred. She picked up two other friends, Braylon and Kenny, Raheem was with them. Martinez said she didn’t know who Jones was until she asked him his name.

Jones said he was going to rob Ramirez for his pills and money. Raheem got out of the truck armed with a steering wheel lock, but Braylon stopped him and took it from him. Then Jones walked towards the victim’s home.

Martinez said she heard a glass break and Braylon told her to drive. When she got near the end of the street Braylon told her to stop. That’s when Raheem jumped in the truck with blood on his hands.

The trial will continue Friday morning.