Poco Bueno Fishing Tournament This Weekend

I’m here in Port O’Connor for Poco Bueno which is free for the public and the weather today has been great and the waves were smooth.

There were two groups of boaters and one group was a two man team that stayed near the shore.
” The inshore guys have an area that goes east of the Colorado River and mile offshore and then to our west just past Seadrift,” said Fonderen.

The offshore group went out into the Gulf of Mexico looking for blue marlin and in order for it to be weighed it must reach the minimum length.
“It has to be a minimum of 102 inches before they bring one to the dock,” said Fonderen.

Today there was two boats that caught blue marlins the Chumon and Notorious. I talked with Chris Horn who caught the 551 lb and 109.5 inch blue marlin.
“Today it took about an hour it only took about 30 minutes to get to the boat. But trying to get a gaffe in it took a little longer,” said Horn.

Horn told me there was no game plan in finding a spot to catch the marlin.
“try to go out as far as you can and get lucky and that is what we do so,” said Horn.

Poco Bueno continues tomorrow as well with weigh ins starting at 2:30pm