Plastic Grocery Bags are the biggest Litter Offenders in Victoria

Plastic bags are not supposed to go into green recycle bins. Your green carts are taken to a material recovery facility with several types of machines where plastic bags get stuck inside of those machines and slow down production.

“There are a lot of ways that the bags do get out on our streets and there are a lot of ways you can prevent that starting with reusable bags,” Victoria Environmental Services, Kate Garcia said.

Plastics like grocery and trash bags should be taken to HEB, Target or Wal-mart placed in the plastic bag recycling bins.

“Yes i do recycle my plastic bags and bottles. I usually bring my bags here to Walmart. I try to set a better example for my children and trying to help save our environment,” Wal-mart shopper, Elane Livas said.

Reusable bags help cut down on plastic bags.