Plácido Domingo resigns from LA Opera post

Plácido Domingo is stepping down from his position with the LA Opera, an organization he helped found, as he faces multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

In a statement obtained by CNN, the opera star said he made the decision “with a heavy heart.”

“I hold The Los Angeles Opera dearly to my heart and count my work to create and build it as one of my most important legacies. However, recent accusations that have been made against me in the press have created an atmosphere in which my ability to serve this Company that I so love has been compromised,” he said. “While I will continue to work to clear my name, I have decided that it is in the best interests of LA Opera for me to resign as its General Director and withdraw from my future scheduled performances at this time.”

Domingo has disputed the allegations made against him and said were “riddled with inconsistencies.”

In August, The Associated Press reported that nine women detailed alleged incidents of sexual harassment that took place over three decades beginning in the late 1980s. In September, 11 more people came forward with allegations that included verbal harassment and groping.

CNN was unable to verify the accusers’ accounts.

The executive committee of the LA Opera Board of Directors called Domingo “an outstandingly talented artist” and “the driving force behind the creation, development and growth of LA Opera,” in a statement.

“Under his leadership, LA Opera became known for its spirit of collaborative creativity and its ability to attract superb performers from across the globe – including Plácido himself, who delivered more than 300 performances in 31 different roles and conducted more than 100 times in Southern California over the course of the past five decades,” the statement said. “We thank Plácido for popularizing opera in the consciousness of Los Angeles and are deeply grateful for his inspiration and dedication to our institution and our community.”

Last week, Domingo cut ties with The Metropolitan Opera, ending a professional relationship that began in 1968. He had been set to perform multiple performances in “Macbeth” and “Madama Butterfly” there through November.

CNN’s Megan Thomas contributed to this report.