Places in Victoria offering help to residents without water and electrical power

Charging and warming stations in Victoria

VICTORIA, Texas- The following is a list of places offering help to local residents as provided by the City of Victoria here.

Newscenter25 has received several calls from residents concerned about water issues.

Many people still remain without power.


Victoria ISD (Crain and Hopkins elementary schools) Charge phones, warm up, and limited meals provided

C3 Victory Church, 1604 E. Crestwood Drive Warm up, charge phones, and collect some supplies and food, warm meals served

Son Valley Ranch, 8793 US Hwy 87 North Water distribution for flushing or boiling (bring containers or buckets)

Our Lady of Sorrows 208 W. River St. Warm up, charge phones

Faith Family Church, 2002 E. Mockingbird Ln Warm up, charge phones, coffee and hot chocolate served

Christ’s Kitchen, 611 E. Warren Avenue Hot meals served

Email Newscenter25 here if you know of other places offering assistance.

Here’s how you can help your fellow Texan: