Placedo VFD Truck Needs Repairs, Leaves Residents Concerned

Last February was the last time the Placedo Volunteer Fire Department was able to put respond to a fire. Firefighters are ready to get back in action, but the department’s three fire trucks need repairs.

“My concern is the response time, it takes a while if they’re coming from Victoria,” said Resident Ella Soto.

Soto says when it comes to response time, every minute matters.

“There was an incident, I think a year ago, in my circle shall i say, where a car got on fire, and the car was already gone by the time the fire department got there, because we had to rely on Victoria,” said Soto.

It’s been four months since the Placedo VFD has had a working fire truck. The department relies on Bloomington, Dacosta, and Victoria volunteer firefighters to help respond to calls.

Placedo VFD says, each year all 10 of the county’s volunteer fire departments receive $1,000 from County Commissioners.

All ten stations also share from a yearly $40,000 allowance. A working fire truck would put one resident’s mind at ease.

“It would be really nice for us to have a fire truck here in case of a grass fire. It’s really important for us to have one close by,” said a Placedo Resident.

Lack of funds are the reason why the department hasn’t been able to fix their three trucks. Fundraisers are a way for the firefighters to help get the trucks back on the street.

“I know its not without effort, the Fire Department has done fish fry’s, they’ve done community night for the kids, and they’ve had a dance. They’ve done things to try and raise money. Because it is all volunteers ” said Soto.

The department says they will have another fundraiser this year to help get their trucks back in service.