Placedo Benavides Rd construction project moving quickly

The $9.2 million Placedo Benavides construction project is in full swing and the city of Victoria says the project is moving along quickly.

“Basically it’s an extension of Glascow that will go all the way to 463 via Salem Road,” says O.C Garza, Communications Director. “This part of Salem Road will be redone and another additional benefit is Larkspur will also connect to this once the entire project is complete.”

Director of Communications O.C. Garza believes this road will help with a lot of congestion on North Navarro.

“So it’s going to provide an alternative traffic route for people that are coming south on Highway 77 and they are coming into town, they can then take Placedo Benavides and by pass a lot of the lights on Navarro and a lot of loop 463. So it should be able to alleviate some traffic problems we are having on north Navarro,” tells Garza.

City officials believe with opening this road, opportunity for economic development in the area will increase.

“There is a lot of land along the road that could be developed. So in other words it’s not going to look like north Navarro does with a lot of different signs and building construction. It’s going to look like a planned development that you see in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin that will have common buildings to them, and common signage,” explains Garza. “Hopefully it will develop relatively quickly into a very nice area for both commercial and residential development.”

You might be wonder why they named the street Placedo Benavides, well its named after a man who helped start Victoria.

“For those that are not familiar with Victoria history, he was one of the original founders of Victoria. He married the daughter of Martin Deleon who founded the community, and he was important in a lot of historic events that took place in Victoria,” exclaims Garza.

Garza says the city believes they will have this project complete in spring 2020.