Photo including Ku Klux Klan causes controversy in Kenedy

The Municipal Building in Kenedy Texas has a picture on the wall that’s causing controversy among the community.

Clara Ramos, a Kenedy native, said, “Anywhere there’s a picture that has KKK members in it should be taken down, especially in a public place like this place here,”.

Ramos is referring to a picture that shows members of the Ku Klux Klan picture that’s inside the City Hall building.

Ramos​​​​​​​ was born and raised in Kenedy Texas, and she often comes back to visit. On Tuesday she went to a City Council meeting and on her way out she noticed the picture with several KKK members in it hanging on the wall.

“This needs to come down. Just like they want statues to come down, and flags. They also want God out of schools, and they want God out of all kinds of monuments. No, this needs to come down and it needs to come down now,” said Ramos​​​​​​​.

While we were talking, a city worker stopped by and mentioned the picture has been on the wall since he started working at the Municipal Court back in 2012. However, Ramos​​​​​​​ is not going to stop until her request is fulfilled.

Photo including Ku Klux Klan causes controversy in Kenedy

“I’m going to request this Mayor of Kenedy Texas, James Sutton, to please remove this picture. I don’t want to see it in any public place, because this is an insult to a lot of folks,” said Ramos​​​​​​​.

She goes on to mention that this is a depiction of hostility.

“It just shows hatred, it shows what they did to other human beings, and we’re not going to stand for it, not anymore,” said Ramos​​​​​​​.

I tried to get a comment from the Kenedy Texas Mayor James Sutton, but I was told he was out of town. We will keep you updated once we receive a response.