Phase II of $3.7M Crestwood Drive Reconstruction Project begins March

VICTORIA, Texas-The $3.7 million Crestwood Drive project continues as the Reconstruction Project Phase II is about to be underway in Victoria. Ken Gill, the City of Victoria Public Works Director explains what areas are going to be fixed.

“Project overview it’s the same three-lane section that we were working on Phase I. Replacing a 12-inch water line, rehabilitation replacing the eight-inch sewer line, improving storm sewer. A lot more on this job was involved than in the previous one. As the design engineer looked at the area he found that the area was greater than what was originally built in the system so we wanted to add more storm sewer to drain that road and keep it from flooding,” said Ken Gill, The City of Victoria Public Works Director.

Gill says on the South Side there’s going to be an attached sidewalk and the North Side will have a detached sidewalk. The project is scheduled to begin in March of 2021 and it’s expected to be complete by the end of this year.