Petsmart holds pet adoption event in Victoria

Petsmart Charities held their national adoption weekend this weekend.
These events are held 4 times a year for 3 days.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson went to Petsmart to check out the importance of adopting dogs.

Its pet adoption weekend and local resuces are trying to get their dogs forever homes.
“A lot of our local rescues, we all participate on the national adoption weekend and we bring our animals out that need a forever homes,” says Christy Bear, Rebel Rescue.

Working together, Bear says all of the local rescues are a part of the Community Petsmart Partners so everytime they adopt 50 dogs out they receive 1,000 dollars.

Rebel Rescue, Pet Adoptions of Cuero, Goliad Pet Adoption and Saving Animal Lives 24/7, DOCPAC,AAP, Pappy’s Rescue , brought dogs to the event.
The Crossroads Winterfest Pagent winners volunteered their time to help get some of these animals adopted.
“We are out here volunteering and remember if you are bored one day or if you want to just get out and volunteer call your rescues, adoption centers. You don’t have to adopt right away and you can just go and volunteer for a couple of hours while given these animals some love right now until they find their forever home,” tells Serena Paris, Queen of Winterfest Pagent.

Bear tells me as of Saturday, all of the rescues combined had 21 animals adopted

“We are shooting for 41 more between now and tomorrow. so please come out, make it happen and adopt and save an animal live today,” adds Bear.

But if you missed Saturdays event, dont worry you still have another chance to find your new best friend.

“We are here until 6pm today and tomorrow 10 to 6 as well,” Bears says.

The biggest message from these events is adopt dont shop.

“Even if you want a designer dog or what i call a designer dog, go and look at your local rescues and shelters because believe it or not, even though a lot of people pay high dollars for a pure blood or pure bread dog,” explains Bear. “If it doesnt work well in their home for whatever reason, they do end up in our shelters.”

Dogs arent the only thing being adopted, many cats were looking for that forever home.