Pets of the Week: Frost and Lumi

This week there's not just one pet of the week, there are two

VICTORIA, Texas -This week there is more than one Pet of the Week, there are two and they are also brothers. We hear from Angelina Gaud, the kennel manager at the Dorothy H. O’Connor Pet Adoption Center, about these two dogs.

Gaud: “The first pet we’re going to meet is Frost. He was with us since he’s two weeks old. So we’re really trying to find him at home. He is four and a half month old hound husky mix. And he’s been doing our camp canine this week. Learning a little bit of basic commands. He’s more laid back out of the two that you’re going to meet today. He’d rather just be laying on your lap, getting loving. A very sweet boy. The second dog’s gonna be his brother. His name is Lumi. He’s four and a half month old pound husky as well. He’s more of the outgoing, one more of the goofy one. They are a very bonded pair. So if there’s somebody that wants to dogs, it’d be great to get them adopted together. If not, I think they’ll be fine, but they’re really good about growing up in the shelter. It’s kind of hard on dogs. They love us of course, but they would rather be out in a home of their own. They’ve been here since they’re two weeks old or almost five months, four and a half months old. So they literally been here their whole lives or highlighting these guys hoping to find their perfect home.”

To learn more about Frost and Lumi, call the adoption center at 361-575-8573 or visit their website.