Pet rescue shelter receives Pay It Forward donation

It’s Pay it Forward Thursday Victoria, I’m Tommy Taylor with Atzenhoffer Chevrolet, and its been an awesome experience to see our community to come together after this horrible storm hurricane Harvey, it has affected all of our lives in so many different ways…but you know what? We are back in business and we are going to keep on paying it forward Victoria.

Hi! I’m Tommy Taylor with Atzenhoffer…whats your name? Blair. Blair, nice to meet you, its Pay it Forward Thursday, so, what made you stop at our pay it forward truck today? I actually heard that you were over here and I had a rescue in mind, so I decided to stop by and try to pay it forward. So you know about how the program works…we are glad you stopped, so here’s the 300 dollars and what would you like to do with the money today? I would actually like to pay it forward to Rebel Rescue, because I know they are having a hard time after Hurricane Harvey, going through and supporting all of their bully breed mixes, and getting them out there trying to adopt them out to the right homes, and I know it would definitely help them out. Well it sounds like a great idea, so glad you stopped by, we will hop in the Pay it Forward truck and go over there and surprise them with the cash! Thank you, lets go!

Hi! I’m Tommy Taylor, whats your name? Vanessa. Vanessa..nice to meet you. It’s Pay it Forward Thursday. Blair stopped our Pay it Forward truck and she got the 300 dollars and she wanted to donate it to rebel Blair..take it away. I would like to donate the 300 dollars, thank you newscenter 25 Pay it Forward and Atzenhoffer, 300 dollars to Rebel Rescue, because I know that you deserve it. thank you, we were really affected by the storm, and this is going to go to pay for a lot of dogs right now. For those that are not familiar with Rebel Rescue, what do you do?

Its actually a rescue society, we usually deal with pit bulls, but we will rescue any type of bully breed, because they have the hardest time getting out of the shelters. How many do you have right now? Right now I’m holding 22, so I’m full. Hopefully you can put this money to good use. Yes, yes, thank you!

Pay it Forward Victoria!