Pet of The Week For Friday 6-18-21

Adopt Kitana

Pet Of The Week Graphic 5 28 21

Now it’s time to meet Kitana, this weeks Pet of The Week.

Kitana a very cute tuxedo black and white cat at the Dorothy H. O’Connor Pet Adoption Center.

The 2-year-old cat has a super cute black nose and big beautiful eyes.

“Kitana is a little bit on the chunky side but that’s okay because chunky girls need love too,” said a staff member from the adoption center.  “She is super soft the softest cat to ever touch and she’s a window cat she is a window cat she doesn’t do much.”

Kitana really likes to hang out and just be there, she’s very low maintenance very low maintenance.

“Definitely a cat that you can take or that you have if you work an eight hour day or a twelve hour day,” said the staff member. “She will snack on her food she will not eat it all at one time. So you feed her in the morning and then that’s it.”

Kitana will probably still have food in her bowl by the time that you get home.

Here’s how you can get in contact with the Dorothy O’Connor Pet Adoption Center if you’re interested in either Kitana, or any other furry friend.

You can visit them at their location at 135 progress drive here in Victoria. You can also call them.  Their number is 361-575-8573.

If you’d like to take a look at all the furry friends they have waiting to find their furrever families.  All available cats and dogs are listed on their website at