Pet Adoption center looking for foster homes for pets as hurricane looms

The Dorthy O’Connor pet adoption center is asking for any volunteers to provide foster homes for their pets for the upcoming hurricane.

The center currently has 46 cats and dogs looking for a temporary or permanent home, as the hurricane looms ahead. Those who volunteer to foster will be provided supplies needed to take care of the foster dog or cat throughout the weekend. Officials warned that the pets may be stressed because of the incoming storm, but urge those interested to volunteer so the pets can have a safe home for the storm.

“If it’s something that you think you want to do, come in and take a look around. Maybe seeing the dog or the cat will allay some of those fears for you. And we’re certainly going to give you everything that we think you are going to need to be successful.” said Stephanie Bassham, event coordinator at DOCPAC.

While officials would love for these foster pets to find a permanent home, their priority right now is to find a safe shelter for them before the storm arrives. If you are interested in providing a foster home, please call the Dorthy O’Connor pet adoption center at 361-575-8573 or visit their website online for more details.