People are recovering from COVID-19 but we must remain vigilant

Today's briefing focused on testing, privacy rights and to remain vigilant

VICTORIA , Texas – At the press briefing Friday afternoon, it was stated that there are no new cases of COVID-19 for the third straight day, but there are 89 total confirmed cases and 34 active cases in Victoria county.

Some good news: 54 patients (60%) have recovered from COVID-19. Victoria Public Health Authority Dr. John McNeill, said although we have more tests available and the number of recoveries are going up, we must remain vigilant by continuing to wear masks and to social distance.

There is a total number of 1,080 tests that have been conducted in Victoria county and 30 in the past two days. Victoria County Public Health Department official David Gonzales wants to remind you that due to HIPPA, the identity of patients will be kept confidential. If you are at a high risk of contracting the virus, you will be notified. A press release will be released if it is expected that a particular location was the cause of the infection.

As of now, there are 293 hospital beds, 37 ICU beds, and 50 ventilators in Victoria, DeWitt, Lavaca, Jackson, and Calhoun counties.

There are new test sites available in Victoria and the sites will be posted to the Victoria Emergency Management Facebook page and the website.

The CDC advises you to clean high touch areas, such as countertops and doorknobs.  It is advised that when you do clean, with disinfectant wipes or cleansers, let the product dry, do not wipe it dry. Allowing the product to sit on the surface is when the germ-killing occurs. Don’t wipe the product off before it’s completed this process.

For more information visit the CDC website. The next briefing will be at 3 Monday, April 20th.