Pay it Forward gives to Hope Child Advocacy Center

Hey folks, it’s Tommy Taylor with Atzenhoffer Chevrolet and it’s Pay It Forward Thursday! I’ve got a thousand dollar check here that we’re about to present to the Hope of South Texas. And this month? They got over fifty six percent of the total votes. So, let’s go inside and surprise them with this thousand dollar check.

Well, it’s nice to meet you today Ric. Today’s Thursday. It’s Pay It Forward Thursday and so on behalf of Atzenhoffer Chevrolet and Newscenter 25, I’d like to present to you with this thousand dollar check there.

Well great! Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

Tell us, how can you use the funds?

We will use this for our programs. The advocacy center, we serve four counties. And, we’re largely involved with children who are sexually abused. So, we do forensic interviewing and then provide free mental health care. So, most of our costs have to do with staff cause we’re real people to people oriented. And, so, this certainly will help us meet payroll.

And, how long have y’all been in Victoria?

Hope of South Texas has been in Victoria since 1986. Although, we re-opened in April 2013 as the advocacy center. So, for about five and a half years we’ve been operating since then.

And for those that wanna also help out with the South Texas Advocacy Center, where can they go to help out?

They’re welcome to give us a call here at the office. Or, we’re at post office box 3651 77903. And, we certainly would appreciate any gifts.

Well, it’s great to have those kids have advocates out there to help protect these kids and thank y’all so much for everything that y’all do for them and for this community. And, i’m sure y’all can put that thousand dollars to good use.

Pay it forward, Victoria!