Pay It Forward Awards Dog Adoption Center August Grant

Hi folks I’m Tommy Taylor with Atzenhoffer Chevrolet. It is Pay It Forward Thursday. I’ve got this thousand dollar check that we’re about to present to the Goliad Pet Adoption for all of their hard work that they do for the pets of Goliad.

Hi how are you doing. I’m Tommy Taylor with Atzenhoffer Chevrolet

I’m Dawn Blackmon.

Nice to meet you Dawn. So it’s pay it forward Thursday. Have you been keeping up with the pay of your program?

I have it’s so awesome!

We’re having a lot of fun doing and we’ve changed it recently to where we’re giving away a thousand dollars once a month. And of course you know you were nominated as one of the finalists and y’all got over two thirds of the votes.

So very very cool!

So here’s a thousand dollars from Atzenhoffer and KAVU-TV.

You just don’t know how much this is going to help them. You can use the phone.

So tell us what do you do here.

Goliad pet adoption and you know use the money. Well we bring in dogs that were found on the streets or the highway are from the pound here in Goliad.

We get them well because very seldom does a dog come into us completely healthy. And well. So we get them all about it. Get them all healthy and we find them a home.

I’ve got a full facility here lots of dogs and cats and everybody can come on here and you get a chance to adopt an animal.

Yes absolutely. We need it. There are so many and more waiting to come in.

Pay it Forward Goliad!!!