Pastor offers forgiveness to Person who Engraved Swastika in Church Driveway

A community in Halettsville is coming together after their place of worship was defaced.

Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke with church leaders about how they move forward from an act of hatred.

A couple days before the start of black history month, this black church was faced with the hard reality of cruel actions of young men.
“The main thing that went through my mind was, what was the motive of this signal down here,” questioned Pastor Dennis Herring, Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church. Are it they trying to put fear in our hearts?

On January 25th Pastor Dennis Herring of the Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church found a Swastika engraved in the dirt of his church’s driveway.
“It kind of upset me because we tend to think stuff like this doesn’t go on in small towns but we found out that yeah it does happen,” tells Pastor Herring.

Herring adds many members are concerned for their safety, and he is worried about what bad things could happen.
“You know the church might get burned down or it could have been an incident like the guys up state when someone walked in with uzi in their prayer meeting and begin to kill everyone in there,” declares Pastor Herring.

Deacon Leon McAfee says stuff like this doesn’t happen in the Good Hope community, a community just 2 miles outside Hallettsville but they are going to have to keep looking after each other.
“It open up our eyes and made us keep on looking out for one another and thats what we are going to continue to do, exclaims Deacon Leon “We are going to keep on praying for this whole nation.

This hits close to home because my family is from that community and my grandmother attended the church and is buried in the cemetery next to the church, just feet away from the swastika.

Herring adds he just wishes the person who did this would come forward and apologized
“If he comes back and says im sorry, i will dismiss all the charges and evidence but we don’t have charges against him now but i would forgive him for it,” declares Herring.

After my visit to the church Tuesday morning, the Lavaca County Sheriff’s office posted on social media that the suspect confessed.

Herring and the suspect met at the sheriff’s office and herring counseled the suspect.

He says he was satisfied with the visit and decided not to press charges.