Parishioners Flock to Cuidad Juarez

“I know that when I see him if I see a little portion of him I’ll know I’ll be so humbled I’m just going to kneel down probably and cry.” Said Roseanna Villafranca

Parishioner Roseanna Villafranca will be one of hundreds of thousands of people who are expected to attend a mass with Pope Francis on Wednesday in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico. Bishop Cahill of the Victoria Diocese will also attend the mass.

“The bishop in El Paso has invited bishops to participate both in the mass in Cuidad Juarez as well as the faithful who will be on the American side in El Paso.” Said Bishop Cahill

Bishop Cahill however will not be crossing the border. Cahill says he will celebrate the mass on the U.S. Side with those less fortunate who could not make the trip across the border.

“and so I’ll be one of the bishops on the border on the fence looking across to Juarez taking care of our brothers and sister so they can see the pope.”

Cahill says he is excited to see the pope again. Cahill made the trip to the east coast last September. Cahill says he believes the message the pope delivers will be similar to the one he delivered here and challenge will the leaders of Mexico. And parishioner Roseanna Villafranca says her upcoming pilgrimage to Mexico is a blessing.

“It’s like a dream come true i would have never thought that two weeks ago that I would be traveling to Juarez.” Said Villafranca