Parents voice concerns over rezoning at school board meeting

VICTORIA, Texas-  The Victoria

ISD school board met Thursday night where parents spoke emotionally about the proposed rezoning with in the district.

“It’s certainly an emotional issue for parents, for students. Change is never easy,” says Shawna Currie with VISD.

After detailed presentations were held last week, parents and community members chimed to voice their opinion. The theme of those concerns related to making the transition easiest for students, and making sure students weren’t bused out too far from their neighborhood school. 

At the forum, a mobile friendly website, “Thought Exchange” ,was used to allow participants post anonymously with those questions they sought answers to.

 “Through the ‘Thought Exchange’, we had about 300 people take part in that, so you really get a good consensus of what people are thinking and what they’re feeling,” adds Currie.

If approved, about 400 students in the district will be affected; mainly in elementary and middle schools. The interactive web map highlights those proposals, each zone in a different color.

“The kids need to come first which certainly the school district is in agreement on that too, we have to do what’s best for the students,” states Currie.


The last time changes to zones were made was back in 2009. Thursday night’s school board meeting allowed a final discussion before a potential decision is made.

“[They had] the first opportunity last night for the board as a whole to sit down together receive that information discuss it and also ask questions with each other,” says Currie.

A final specially called meeting will be held Tuesday, February 25th. There the board is expected to make a decision on the approval of new attendance zones.