Parents start petition to fight VISD merger

The possible school merger for VISD has been a really hot topic lately, many parents do not want their children’s schools to close.
One parent even started a petition.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke to parents and tells us some of their concerns.

“Its heartbreaking, its kids here and they are like family. the teacher and staff are like family,” Brittany Villarreal says passionately.

Concerned parent Veronica Lopez started a petition to bring the community together and fight to keep FW Gross Elementary open. A mother of a FW gross student, Brittany Villarreal, this petition is key in bringing parents together who want to fight this merger.
“I think having the community come together and signing this petition, it might not help keep Gross open but it shows the community, we are here to fight for our kids education,” tells Villarreal.

Villarreal says her daughter has learned a lot in the last 8 months because the smaller classes at F.W. Gross.

“With the kids going to three different schools, that means bigger classrooms. Right now these kids have 20 to 21 kids in each class which is to all them to have one on one with their teachers and get the education they need,” exclaims Villarreal.

Jodi Sandoval’s children go to William Wood Elementary and she suggests a different merger of schools already out in the county.

“We just need to slow it down a little bit and look at the full picture. maybe William Wood and Guadalupe have the opportunity to merge together and still be in a place that is relatively close to their homes,” adds Jodi Sandoval.

Another concern parents have is safety.
“To go from the south part of town to Hopkins means those children will have to walk, the south side doesn’t have a lot of side walks and safe zones for kids to walk in,” says Sandoval

“Its a possibility that kids can get hit by cars and then i don’t think the school district is actually looking at the fact of busing these kids is going to cost more money too,” explains Villarreal.

Sandoval adds VISD needs to meet with parents and listen to their concerns.
“I don’t think we really look at the money we are investing in our children, our children are not failing, we have a system thats failing our children,” declares Sandoval.

“I think we are smart enough to get together as a community and make some really good choices and decisions that will ultimately affect our children in a positive way.”

Parents will be walking the blocks on Sunday and Monday on the south side to make sure everyone can sign the petition and have their voice heard.

If you would like to sign the petition click here.