Parent concerned for child’s safety while at school

One parent wants V.I.S.D. to offer more options to students who fear getting COVID-19

VICTORIA, Texas – Many students and their parents are eager to return to in-person learning, but as COVID cases still wreak havoc on communities across the country, it has some parents concerned for their children’s safety. Chris Robinson, a parent of a V.I.S.D. student,

says he wished the district had more options for his children’s schooling while in a pandemic.

“It all boils down to there really needs to be more options available for everybody, even for the faculty you know they should have the choice to do it online or however,” said Robinson.

Robinson says he is worried V.I.S.D. doesn’t have options for students who are more at risk of falling seriously ill to COVID. His son has brain cancer and is too young to receive a vaccine. He says he’d like to see virtual learning offered to students and more clear guidance on students quarantining if they’re exposed to infected students.

Robinson said he’s gotten as many as three emails in one week from his son’s school saying he’d been exposed to an infected student, but per the emails guidelines, as long as his son isn’t exhibiting symptoms he’s expected to be at school in person. Robinson adds he is hopeful the district figures out a solution as the school year progresses.

V.I.S.D. Superintendent Quintin Shepherd says that the district cannot offer virtual instruction because of recent changes made by the Texas Education Authority.  The new rule would restrict state funding to schools that offered virtual instruction.