Parade of Homes 2020

This year’s Parade of Homes 2020 is taking place starting the weekend of Friday June 5th and continues the following weekend ending on Sunday June 14th.

A total of 7 days, the parade starts on Friday and takes place the following Wednesday and wraps up that weekend. About 15 houses will be in this years parade. Last year they had over 2,000 people show up. Chairman for the Parade of Homes, Brian Ferguson, loves to see new faces from the community.

“Getting to meet, again whether it’s someone, maybe it’s a potential client or just getting to meet and visit with almost 2,000 people in the community, you meet people never knew before. You go out to eat and you see them. Victoria is a small community so it’s just nice to be able to do that,” said Ferguson.

A fundraiser as well, it raises money for the Builder’s Association. With one purchased ticket you get to visit each house throughout the seven days. You get to place your vote in each category. The winner then will receive a prize like a flat screen T.V. or an appliance.

“You know come out enjoy the houses. You know I can’t stress enough even if you’re not looking to build a home, if you’re just, you know, everybody’s been cooped up you know if you just wanna get out it’s the best 10 dollars you’ll spend,” continued Ferguson.

Community members have the opportunity to interact with the builders in person who have put time and effort into their showcase.

The homes displayed are in Victoria and connecting counties. For more information on where to buy tickets you could visit