Panhandling and Recycle Rate Increases Discussed at City Council Meeting

Panhandling is up for discussion again at city council meeting. Protesters are against this issue because thy believe it is not safe for citizens when panhandlers are begging for money. Others argue that women are frightened by panhandlers. Protesters fear that women may be robbed or stabbed. Four protesters spoke at the meeting.

Several citizens argue that there should be no rate increase for recycling. City council members Jeff Bauknight, Jan Scott and Dr. Andrew Young agreed with citizens.

“In my opinion, raising the recycling rate is not the right idea environmentally. I don’t think I can support the increase,” Bauknight said.

“If we terminate our program, it may be difficult to get it started again,” said Scott.

“It is currently $440,000 to recycle for 12 days a year,” Young said. “With the increase it would cost tax payers $831,000 a year for 12 days.”

City council will hold off on the recycling fee increase vote until the next meeting and subsidize costs until then.